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We all make fashion faux pas — a bad hairstyle here, a frightening make up choice there — but thankfully, sometimes we get to blame others for our beauty blunders. This time, we can look spitefully at Email Diamant’s facial hair removal line, Depilorm.

The sale of three lines of Depilorm facial hair removal cream was prohibited throughout Argentina today by the National Association of Medications, Foods and Medical Technology (Anmat). According to the Official Bulletin, “This measure was taken after a deviation of quality was detected (specifically, an incorrect pH balance) in particular batches of the products.”

“The National Administration is now carrying out the withdrawal of these products and recommends citizens to avoid using products that belong to these batches in particular.”

Basically, the product was found to be harmful to the skin. Chemicals! They’re often terrible.

These are the hair removal products you should apparently avoid:

  • DEPILORM CREMA DEPILATORIA PARA ROSTRO CON ALOE VERA – EMAIL DIAMANT por 60 gr, Lote Nº 7405, Vto.: 12/17; Lote Nº 7421, Vto.: 12/17; Lote Nº 7367, Vto.: 12/17;
  • DEPILORM CREMA DEPILATORIA PARA ROSTRO PIEL NORMAL – EMAIL DIAMANT por 60 gr., Lote Nº 7366, Vto.: 12/17; Lote Nº 7414, Vto.: 12/17;
  • DEPILORM CREMA DEPILATORIA PARA ROSTRO FLORAL – EMAIL DIAMANT por 60 gr., Lote Nº 7368, Vto.: 12/17; Lote Nº 7428, Vto.: 12/17.

Luckily though, Email Diamant gave a statement to La Nación about the face cream fiasco: “We made a mistake.” The company then proceeded to explain that, “It was a batch that turned out much stronger than it was meant to be. This happened in December during the production process and we started with the removal of the product from the market. Anmat’s statement refers to product lines that we have already withdrawn. As a consequence the sale of the products mentioned is now forbidden. We have everything under control.”

Indeed, the first of the three products mentioned above was already ordered to be removed from the sales platform by Anmat on the 15th of February.

Regardless: now your chance to let your mustache blow freely in the wind.