Got empathy? Perdriel obviously does not. Photo via

In Bahía Blanca, in the province of Buenos Aires, school children have been complaining about the taste of their city government-provided milk. But instead of searching for a solution to the problem, Adriana Perdriel, the vice president of School Council and a member of the Republican Proposal (PRO) party, responded to complaints by shouting down from her ivory tower that “those who are really hungry eat anything.”

The cries of PRO publicists echo in the background.

Teachers have confirmed that the milk does indeed taste funky. Crying over spilled milk may be discouraged, but crying out about rotten milk is pretty ok in my book.

Critics have since challenged Perdriel to think about her own children and wonder if she would also feel obliged to serve rotten milk in her house. While she hasn’t issued any statement about her plans to continue drinking milk past its expiration date, her answer appears obvio.

Perdriel appears to have missed a crucial point: nevermind that school children obviously don’t want spoiled milk with their merienda — no one ever should have to drink spoiled milk, no matter how hungry they are. It’s a little thing called upholding human dignity.

As Argentines’ pockets are hit hard by inflation and the government’s economic measures including drastic hikes in the cost of utilities and public services, a little compassion for those who are suffering financially would go a long way. Perdriel’s comment highlights what many see as an unfortunate trend in the current administration’s often callous attitudes and remarks towards the people. Hers is just one such response that reveals a disconnect between PRO politicians and their constituents, such as Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay’s December comment downplaying the rise in electricity prices by chalking them up to nothing more than the price of two pizzas.

So let’s raise a glass, of proper tasting milk, to hoping those kids can get their healthy dose of calcium sooner rather than later.