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Great news! Argentina is now home to the most important oilseed complex in the world.

The industry revolves around the greater Rosario area, with the Rosario and the San Lorenzo/San Martín ports (dubbed together Gran Rosario). According to charts provided by the Ministry of Agroindustry, these ports make up 85 percent of all soy complex exports in Argentina. The US has largely been a competitor for the number one spot, however during 2016, Gran Rosario jumped over the US’s New Orleans’ Custom District in Louisiana by shipping 39.26 metric tons of soybean, soymeal, and soybean oil compared to New Orleans’ 38.96. Bahia Blanca also makes the top 15 at number 11, with roughly three metric tons being shipped out during 2016.

Rosario can brag about its geographic concentration of plant-crushing plants, 20 within 19 port terminals in just 70 kilometers alongside the Paraná River. These locations churn out such high volumes of soy complex products, that these plants alone equal the entire capacity of Brazilian oilseed crushing capabilities. So take that, Brazil.

Gran Rosario also ships out 78 percent of the nation’s grain, protein meal, and vegetable exports. The Argentine soybean oil and soymeal exports are so integral to the international community that 5 out of 10 vessels out in the ocean have touched down in Gran Rosario for their products.

In terms of raw soy beans, the US and Brazil have us beat as they are the main exports of beans to China. But when it comes to soy complex exports, we’ll accept the prize this time.