Photo via La Nación

Score one for creationists everywhere.

While addressing a crowd at the 13th Congress of the Argentine Society of Political Analysis yesterday, Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said that humans lived among dinosaurs. While trying to highlight the importance of a well-functioning society, Rodríguez Larreta brought up “a book he read” that described how humans “became the world’s dominant species thanks to politics and people’s ability to organize themselves.”

So far, so good.

Problem is that at the time of giving an example to illustrate the book’s (and his) point, the only thing he proved was that maybe scientific facts are not really his thing:

“When a homo sapiens was pit against a dinosaur, the dinosaur would win. Five homo sapiens against a dinosaur? The dinosaur would eat them. The same would happen with 20 [homo sapiens]. But if those 20 men organized themselves, they would be a able to kill it,” Larreta argued before what I’m sure was a surprised crowd.

In case you have forgotten, dinosaurs were large lizards that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Homo sapiens? We’ve only been around for like 200,000 years. So unless said homo sapiens had a time machine and managed to travel back to a very retro Jurassic Park, we’re pretty sure such thing never happened.

At least he didn’t talk about homo sapiens’ ability to organize themselves to invade planets inhabited by giant spiders.

With this fabulous faux pas, Larreta has now earned a place in the infamous spot in the TV gaffes hall of fame, right next to host Susana Giménez who, in a live interview that took place in 1993, also seemed to have trouble pinpointing the period during which dinosaurs roamed the earth: when a guest told her they had brought a dinosaur from the Patagonia to the City for an exhibition, she (in)famously responded “Alive?!!.

Back to school, kids.