Macri at the rally after getting thrown rocks at today. Photo via Infonews.

The Government made a statement this morning that a “group of around 10 people” threw rocks at the vehicle that was transporting President Mauricio Macri in the town of Villa Traful, in the province of Neuquén. The event occurred this morning while Macri was heading to an inauguration ceremony at the town’s Center of Touristic Information Interpretation — we’re not quite sure what that is either.

In an interview with TN, Neuquén’s Deputy Security Secretary, Gustavo Pereyra, explained that the President was travelling in a van that wasn’t bulletproof, as it belongs to Villa Traful’s mayor’s office. As a result of this, two windows were broken but no people were injured.

The official went on to say that the group suspected to behind the incident has ties with State Workers Union ATE. The union is less than happy with the president and has conducted several strikes throughout the year, protesting against layoffs and what they see as insufficient salary increases. Pereyra, however, did not specify what the exact ties to the organization were. Shortly after the incident, two of the alleged attackers were taken into custody by police. Macri continued with his schedule as planned.

When heading the inauguration, Macri addressed the situation and said that Argentina “needs to have a future without violence… It doesn’t help to be divided,” he added.

Macri then returned via helicopter to the town of Villa La Angostura, in the same province, where he is spending his weeklong vacation. He is set to return to his normal schedule on Monday, January 8th.