The venue for the fundraiser will be Palermo restaurant Rock & Ribs. (Photo via Facebook).

Generally speaking, Tuesdays are usually pretty crappy. Unless you had truly exceptional kickoff to your week, Tuesday is when that sinking realization of work and routine kicks in. You’re neither close to the coming weekend nor filled with hope that you’re going toturn over a new leaf and be productive.

That being said, we would all probably like a good excuse to forget the dismal reality of mid-week chores and have a Tuesday ‘funday’ (if only that had a nicer ring to it). If you’re looking for plans to make this a reality, on Tuesday, May 8 Rock & Ribs Smokehouse (Av. del Libertador 3883) will host a rock-themed evening along with a silent auction in aid of an incredibly good cause, local NGO Send a Child to School (SACS).

Expect mini versions of classic fast food items. (Photo via Facebook).
Expect mini versions of classic fast food items. (Photo via Facebook).


Music-wise, DJ.2 will be spinning the decks, blasting iconic rock tunes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. As you’re jamming out and hopefully busting some moves, tasty treats and beer will be served. Rock & Ribs is known for its classic fast-food items, like pulled pork sandwiches and other BBQ delights, so make sure to arrive on an empty stomach.

The best part of the night will surely be the silent auction. With prices ranging from AR $500 to $30,000 there’s something for every budget. High-end items like a full body massage at the Four Season’s Cielo spa, a two-night stay at Océano Patagonia, a painting by Milo Lockett, and a sushi night for four at the Recoleta Grand Hotel will all be auctioned off throughout the evening. If a few beers make you want to splash the cash, know that you can do so for a good cause and win a fantastic prize in the process. It’s a win-win situation, really.

Where you'll be staying, if you win a stay at the Océano Patagonia. (Photo via Trip Advisor).
Where you’ll be staying, if you win a stay at the Océano Patagonia. (Photo via Trip Advisor).


Additionally, both Boca Juniors and River Plate signed jerseys will be coming under the hammer, so whether you’re a Bostero or a Millonario, there’s no excuse not to bid.

Founded back in 1999 by a group of expat women, SACS distributes backpacks filled with age-appropriate school materials to underprivileged children in need. With an initial founding team that included the wife of the Australian ambassador to Argentina and the wife of ex-President of Exxon Mobil, today SACS is mainly run by a team of expats and volunteers. Hailing from the US and passionate about education, current President Stephanie Bruchou realized the importance of SACS’ having a permanent leader and has settled herself in Argentina with her family.

SACS distributes school backpacks to underprivileged school children. (Photo via Jason Sheil).
SACS distributes backpacks to underprivileged school children. (Photo via Jason Sheil).


Since the application process involves children’s demonstrating both their attendance and financial need, you can be sure that any money you donate is directly allowing Argentina’s most deprived schoolchildren to access the help they need to succeed academically.

Bruchou always makes sure that SACS works with Argentine NGOs as well as teachers who are based in the villas to make sure they’re donating the most useful and relevant items. For the 2019 school cycle, SACS hopes to donate 2,500 backpacks to local schoolchildren who have most likely not had access to their own school supplies before.

The ‘Rockin’ with SACS’ event will be their first fundraiser in 2018, but look out for a Diwali-themed event to take place later this year. Tickets are AR $800 and can be reserved via email: If you’re unable to attend the event but would like to donate, you can do so here. Don’t forget to check out the SACS Facebook page for more information on all of the great work they do.