Policeman taking a photo with the destroyed car (Photo via Perfil)

If you thought you were having a bad morning, just wait until you hear about how football player Gonzalo Martínez started his day.

River’s forward was woken up at the break of dawn by someone ringing his doorbell. Upon opening the door, he saw a lot of smoke surrounding his car — an Audi — in flames.

According to the start of the ongoing investigation, the evidence does not suggest that it was a technical failure from the car’s end. The most likely scenario being that the fire was set intentionally. This is made all the more probable in light of the multiple threats the athlete has received from fans unhappy with his performance on the field.

There are no leads as to who may have done the job but Martínez does have a reputation of being hated in the world of football. It could have been someone who might actually present a danger to the player or simply a disgruntled fan trying to make a statement. Either way, the cops on the scene didn’t seem too worried based on the photos they posted on social media.

For now, River’s forward is just planning to focus on his upcoming game this Friday against San Martín that will be played on ESPN 2 at 10 p.m.