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According to the results of a recent Management & Fit survey published by Clarín today, 50.7 percent of participants approve of the way in which President Mauricio Macri is running his political show. Not cause for celebration, perhaps, considering the polarization that was so starkly seen when Macri won the presidency appears to continue.

Interestingly, the two sectors who displayed the highest level of dissatisfaction with the new administration were from opposing ends of the economic spectrum. Those participants who earned up to AR $5,650 or over AR $54,500 are apparently the most unhappy, with only 42.6 percent indicating their satisfaction with President Macri.

Overall, among the 2,000 participants who took part in the survey, 36.9 percent said they disagree with the way Macri is managing his government. However, this represents a fall from 37.8 percent in January and 39.1 percent last month. In fact, the overall level of satisfaction is actually the highest it has been since Macri took office on December 10th last year; a 3.9 percent increase since January.

Delving deeper into the results, perceptions of Macri’s performance came out best among landlords (maybe due to the fact that rental contracts recently shot up by up to 40 percent across the capital), retirees, students and housewives (we also think those categories are weird). Landlords appear to be most satisfied with the new President’s administration, logging a 81.5 percent approval.

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Although the survey did not indicate the specific points of satisfaction or dissatisfaction among each sector, the survey did indicate that the top 3 overall preoccupations among participants were inflation (31 percent), insecurity (19 percent) and unemployment (15.3 percent). In total, only 34.2 percent believed that Argentina’s financial position would improve this year.

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However, given that the survey also specified that the majority of participants were in favor of an agreement with the vulture holdouts, which was provisionally passed in Congress last week, and thought that United State’s President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit would be positive for Argentina, this may indicate why the overall results swayed slightly towards consensus.

Nonetheless, in the interests of fair arbitration, we suggest that everyone add Mac on Snapchat. After all, there’s no better way to judge someone than by their social media story.