Ricardo Jaime Photo: Gustavo Amarelle

In April 2016, former Transportation Secretary Ricardo Jaime became the first high ranking Kirchnerite official to be arrested on corruption charges. Since then, he has been found guilty of: trying to bury evidence that was going to be used against him in trial; taking bribes from businesses under his sphere of influence during his tenure; and defrauding the state and therefore being partially responsible for the “Once Railway Tragedy,” where 51 people were killed and over 700 injured.

He has been accused in more than 30 other cases and indicted in more than one of them, so it’s quite likely that he will spend a lot more time in the Ezeiza prison. And it seems like he has already made up his mind about it and has already started considering it as his new home. Otherwise, it can’t be explained why his lawyer legally requested to be informed why “the inmates of Ward C didn’t have and/or don’t have access to watching sporting events, precisely the Argentine football’s first division tournament (Super Liga), which would have stopped being played on September 15.”

Infobae also revealed that since he was in the mood, he also asked to know how his request to be admitted to UBA’s School of Law is doing, and whether he will be exempted from taking the Common Basic Cycle’s (CBC) subjects, because he went to a feeder school for the University of Córdoba and that would allow him to directly enter that one.

It will be interesting to see what the judge who will determine whether to grant the requests has to say. I’m going for “Haha, nope.”

In case you forgot who Ricardo Jaime is, here’s an explainer.