Yesterday, it was looking like football fans across the country would have to wait a little longer to watch the country’s two biggest clubs meet in Núñez for the fiercest derby in domestic football, the Superclásico between Boca Juniors and River Plate, after referees had called for a nationwide strike.

But now, Sunday’s Superclásico is back on, along with the other fixtures in the 13th round of the Primera Division, after the Labor Ministry arranged the mandatory conciliation between the referee’s union (SADRA) and the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

SADRA announced the strike in the wake of the violent assault against referee Claudio Elichiri in the lower league encounter between Sarmiento and Sansinena, declaring that football officials would not take to the pitch until appropriate measures had been taken to assure their safety by the AFA.

After the president of the country’s other referee’s union (the AAA) released a statement saying that they too would strike if needs be, it looked like Sunday’s game at El Monumental would be postponed.

SADRA, however, now deem the strike an unnecessary measure since the Labor Ministry has arranged a coming together of the two footballing bodies. “There will be football [this weekend],” revealed the president of SADRA, Guillermo Marconi, before explaining that  “they [the Labor Ministry] have ordered the mandatory conciliation for the December 29th and there’s no way of avoiding it.”

“Still it’s a success for us, because the AFA wants to reassess the protocol for ensuring the safety of football officials,” Marconi finally added.

Pretty good news then, right? We all get to see the Superclásico this Sunday and the appropriate measures are being taken to make sure that we don’t see a repeat of what happened last Sunday in Ayacucho. Hallelujah.