Make sure your SUBE card credit in it before jumping in the bus.

Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich announced this morning that increases on the fares of different public transportation services operating in the City of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires area (train, bus and subway) are coming in February.

In an effort to mitigate the impact that these new prices will have on commuters, the minister also announced the implementation of the new Red SUBE, a discount system for commuters who take more than one ride within a two-hour period, regardless of whether they take different bus lines or a combination between different means of transportation.

Dietrich said “the system will allow that those who travel more, pay less.” In a nutshell, this is how it works.

  • Commuters will pay a full fare for the first ride (on a bus, train or subway) but will have a 50 percent discount on their second ride, and a 75 percent on their third (and fourth, and fifth, should they need it). The discounts also apply to those who have the so-called “social fare” – a special benefit offered to users coming from low-income sectors, with which they access significantly lower fares.
  • The rides will have to take place within a two-hour period (plus the time the last one takes). For example, if you take an hour and 59 minutes to take two trips, and at that time you begin your third one (still within the original two hours), you will get the 75 percent discount for it anyway, even if that one takes you three hours to complete.
  • The largest discount per ride will amount to the minimum fare for a bus ride – meaning AR $8 starting in February. As Dietrich explained, more increases are coming later this year, so it will be AR $9 after April and AR $10 after June.
  • The SUBE system will automatically implement the discount, meaning there will be no need to go through any kind of bureaucracy to access them.

Got it?