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According to Télam, 67 people sustained injuries over Christmas weekend in Buenos Aires as a result of fireworks and were cared for in the Santa Lucía and Lagleyze hospitals as well as in the City’s burn clinic. The number actually marks a regional low when compared to last year at this time when 74 men and women needed medical attention after being injured by fireworks.

According to the Buenos Aires Health Ministry, only five of the patients had to be hospitalized, while the others presented with minor injuries and were able to go back home right away.

In talks to news channel C5N, Miriam Miño, emergency room chief in the hospital specializing in burn care, said it was the lowest number in the last five years. She explained that of the 18 people hurt by fireworks, half of them were under the age of 14 and added that only a few were asked to have follow up medical attention later in the week.

Caution and common sense are still recommended.