In summer, Camping, perched high above Recoleta Cemetery, teems with young porteños enjoying the sun, craft beer, and simple cooking. As an all-outdoor patio restaurant, you’d expect it to close down in winter. Instead, the popular bar is hunkering down for the season with more hearty dishes. They’re even offering ponchos to easily-chilled customers.

But with such a mild winter so far in 2017, there’s no need to bundle up to enjoy Camping. On sunny days, the terrace has been just as lively as ever. If you haven’t been, the concept is a pretty unique: all the food, a small but tasty menu that rotates daily, is cooked camp-style in an open air food cart, which also serves up good beer from Siete Colores. Everything, from the plates to the tent-like table umbrellas, makes you feel like you’re at a hip camp-out in the middle of the city. If you connect to their wifi network, you can even add songs to Camping’s playlist. We’re divided on the adorable-yet-creepy Scout uniforms all the staff wears, but fans of “Moonrise Kingdom” will be delighted by the kitsch.


Their winter menu options vary depending on the time and the day, but so far they’ve been a hit. The couscous salad is fantastic for a temperate day, cool and refreshing, while more filling options like milanesas and meatballs are home cooking at its best. The low prices are just an added bonus.

Who knows how long this “heat” wave is going to last? A cold snap could start tomorrow — better to eat al fresco before it’s too late.

Camping | Av. Pueyrredón 2501

Thursday through Saturday 12 pm to Midnight
Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday 12 pm to 8 pm
Closed Monday