So summer has ended — and with it your desire to get back that body you once owned all those years and empanadas ago. Not only that, but by some cruel misfortune, summer has also taken almost all of your money. That’s right, you’re fat and poor. I can help on both fronts with a little geo-specific advice .

You may have noticed those yellow and orange climbing frames dotted around various city parks.

These are actually gyms. Those things people use to tie up their dogs, lounge on with a beer or let their kids run wild on are free outdoor gyms. It’s difficult to believe with the lack of inconceivably loud reggaeton music (sometimes there is), absence of mirrors and useless receptionists. But these are maybe some of the best gyms in Buenos Aires with a full view of the city and its people, and are completely free.

Before heading to any of the local outdoor gimnasios, I recommend looking up basic calisthenic (bodyweight exercise) routines to give you a basic rundown on how to use the simple looking bars you will find. Pull exercises for your back and biceps, push exercises for your chest, shoulders and triceps, you  can train any muscle group on these bars and you can make it as hard or as easy as you want for yourself. I know I’m asking a lot but just jogging to your nearest outdoor gym and looking at it will gain my respect.


Parque Centenario | Villa Crespo

This circular park has four outdoor gyms evenly spaced out around its circumference, all equipped with pull up and dip bars as well as lots of little steps and blocks to hop around on, water fountains too, even if what comes out of them tastes a bit like stale hot dog water from a kiosco. The park is great for circuit training, take a run around the park that extends 1.5km and stop at each gym to do some circuit training. 

Parque Las Heras | Alto Palermo

Once upon a time, Powerade blessed this park with a slightly more modern outdoor gym on the Avenida Coronel Diaz side but being one of few options in the area and too much use (guilty) it is not the prettiest of options. Regardless, it has all the equipment needed. A set of pull up bars and a dip bar along Av. Coronel Diaz and an additional set in the center of the park when the sound of cars honking for no reason whatsoever interrupts your flow. Do some sprints in a paved roller rink in the middle and even practice your hurdles over the children speeding around in electric cars.


Bosques de Palermo

Unlike the other gyms in this list, I wouldn’t recommend using these particular ones at night when sections of the park turn into an outdoor telo, unless that’s what you’re into. But if you head there during the day you will find an endless amount of gym locations around the lakes and various spots between the trees to get fit in a peaceful situation outside of the chaos of city centre and even a nice view.

Museo de Bella Artes | Recoleta

On the left hand side of the Art Museum in Recoleta you’ll find a great little spot for working out with all the right equipment and lots of space. Next door, the Facultad de Derecho is a great spot to do sprints on the steps or along the bridge that runs over Libertador, in fact you can work your entire body using these steps. Rocky soundtrack not included.

Puerto Madero

A good option for San Telmo castaways or anyone who fancies a healthy day trip on the other side of creepy, seemingly deserted streets and towers of Puerto Madero is a long stretch of park with an ecological reserve on the other side. Spread throughout are sets of bars and plenty of room for sprinting. There is usually a nice breeze from the river to cool you down and very little noise, if you find the gym location in the Ecological Reserve you can even take a short walk to the “beach” and daydream about all the gains you’re about to make this winter.