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It’s been a crazy time at the Olympics this Summer. The hoopla around the games — Zika! Terrorism! Condoms! — has died down a bit now that the actual event has started. Following a glitzy opening ceremony with Gisele Bundchen walking down the longest catwalk ever, the games are well underway — and the pools are green apparently — and it’s already time for a bit of a recap. So, how well are Argie athletes doing in the games anyway?

To date we can claim one Gold Medal for the homeland, won by Paula Pareto on Saturday, August 7th, in the Final for Women’s Extra-lightweight Judo competition.

On the other end of things is Argentina’s exit in their last group stage match of men’s football. Their loss against Honduras was particularly devastating given their recent loss to Chile in the Copa America. (Never forget.)

But fear not, Argentina still has some playas left in the games and we’ll give you a breakdown of what’s still to come.

Of the 10,300 athletes participating in the games this year from 207 countries, Argentina is being represented by a record 213 athletes in 92 events.

La judoca Paula Pareto gano el olimpia de oro FOTO: Santiago Filipuzzi 23_12_2015
Pareto. Photo via La Nacion

Some of the categories Argentina is still participating in include:


The Men’s National Basketball Team is advancing today against Lithuania after defeating Croatia.


Four of the six Argentines competing in the Boxing event have been eliminated ,with Alberto Melián and Fernando Martínez remaining in Bantamweight and Flyweight events, respectively.


Gonzalo Molina and María Gabriela Díaz will represent Argentina in the BMX competition while Catriel Soto will represent the country in Mountain Biking.


Juan Martín del Potro will face Taro Daniel of Japan today in the third round of the Men’s Single for a place in the quarterfinal. He’s our last man standing from the Argentine Tennis team.

Juan Martín del Potro
Juan Martín del Potro


While Argentina has faced a number of eliminations on both the men’s and women’s side, we’re still going strong in men’s freestyle and women’s synchronized swimming.


Sadly, both the men’s and women’s volleyball teams have been eliminated, but beach volleyball pair Georgina Klug and Ana Gallay are still in the competition.

Georgina Klug and Ana Gallay compete in Beach Volleyball. photo via La Nación
Georgina Klug and Ana Gallay compete in Beach Volleyball. photo via La Nación