Photo via City Government.

Love and acceptance are a little more present than usual, even under your feet. It might be a sense — you can’t place it, but something feels a bit different about the City of Buenos Aires this week, a bit more colorful. It might be a sign. For once, that wouldn’t be a metaphor.

Small demonstrations of same-sex love, rainbows and other signifiers of LGBTQ appreciation have appeared in pedestrian areas of the city, in honor of LGBTQ Pride Week and Buenos Aires Diversity (Buenos Aires Diversa).

If you look closely, you’ll notice the strips of paint on some crosswalks are now multicolored, and you can now can cross a rainbow instead of the street. City maps and electric signs sport rainbow designs. The traffic lights that instruct you to cross the street are no longer alone; now, two little incandescent men hold hands, their hearts illuminated.

The City Government has changed the signage of the City in celebration of the week, which starts on the seventh of August. In three intersections in particular (between Santa Fe and Pueyrredón, Callao and Rivadavia, and Perú and Avenida de Mayo), and also between Balcarce and Chile and Costa Rica and Malabia, the streetlights and electric signs have become public manifestations of LGBTQ pride.

Photo via buenosaires.gob
Photo via buenosaires.gob

Drag queens, art expositions, lectures and queer tango performances will all be part of the Diverse Buenos Aires festival, which will celebrate its third year.

Other events around the City include a roundtable discussion that the Undersecretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the City Government has organized, called “Buenos Aires and the World: Perspectives on the future of LGBTQ rights.” This discussion, which seeks to explore the current situation of LGBTQ rights and recognize existing work in the city, will convene today at 2 PM.

According to the Argentine Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Buenos Aires is the best destination for members of the LGBTQ community in all of Latin America. As well, Buenos Aires is the fifth most popular destination for gay tourism in the world.