Burns cover 80% of the victim's body.

Hopes of 2017 being a better year in terms of gender violence disappeared when a 20-year-old woman from Quilmes ended up in the intensive care unit in Hospital Alemán, after her boyfriend doused her in alcohol and set her on fire.

According to Infobae, the violent attack took place while the couple was arguing in their shared home in Calchaquí Park, in the south-eastern district of Gran Buenos Aires. At some point during the dispute, which occurred at around midday yesterday, the attacker threw alcohol over his girlfriend and set fire to her.

The young woman, who has now been identified as Gina Certoma, was initially admitted to the Hospital Iriarte in Quilmes with about 80% of her body covered by burns, as a result of the attack. Now, according to her family’s wishes, the victim has been transferred to the Hospital Alemán, Recoleta, where she is continuing to fight for her life.

Gina Certoma is currently fighting for her life in Recoleta’s Hospital Alemán. Photo via Infobae

Daniel Abarquero, associate director at the Hospital Iriarte, speculated that due to the extent of the burns, “the chance of survival is low, but we are doing everything possible to save her.” He informed the press that the victim had been taken to the care centre in Quilmes by the police.

The doctor also stated the 22-year-old assailant, Ezequiel Fariña, had suffered minor burns to his hands and police sources have confirmed that Fariña was arrested when he turned up at the Quilmes hospital to seek treatment for these injuries.

The case is being treated as “attempted murder” by public prosecutor Ximena Santoro, who will be responsible for prosecution in the UFI (investigative court 7) of the Judicial Department of Quilmes.