In a resolution published today in the Official Bulletin, the tax collecting agency AFIP informed that when using the state-run door-to-door postal service, shoppers will no longer have to fill an affidavit to have their purchases of US $ 25 or less delivered right at their doorstep.

Bear in mind that this is not a tax cut, as the AFIP was already exempting the first US $25 from all purchases of paying taxes, applying a 50 percent tax for the whichever amount went over this, and this has not changed. In a nutshell: if you buy something for US $125, US $25 will be tax free, and you’ll have to pay 50 percent tax of the remaining US $100, so in this case, US $50, making it a whooping US $175 for the purchase plus the tax (important note: the first US $25 spent are exempt from taxes once per year – so keep that in mind before going on a shopping spree). However, this does mean less bureaucracy, and in a country where the government requires you to fill a form to be able to fill another form, we can definitely call this a win.

In an interview with TV channel TN, a AFIP official explained that the benefit only applies to deliveries carried out by the state-run door-to-door postal service (Correo Argentino) and doesn’t reach private companies, also known as couriers. The official also clarified this doesn’t mean the customs agency will stop checking packages when they arrive. So remember, no shady business.