(Photo via The New York Times)

Don’t make any plans for the end of the month. That is if you’re at all into listening to one of the World’s greatest poets and rock singers right here in Buenos Aires.

US born poet Patti Smith is returning to Buenos Aires after a 12 year break, so catch her while you can, her last visit was back in 2006 – yes we can add up.

‘Punk poet laureate’ Smith, famous for her distinct rock and poetry fusion, made a name for herself in 1975 when she released her debut album ‘Horses’, which catapulted her to the forefront of the New York Punk scene.

Since then, Patti Smith has enjoyed success from many of her singles with her most known and successful being, ‘Because the Night’, co – written with Bruce Springsteen.

Back to Buenos Aires, Smith is due to perform on two evenings, February 28th as well as March 1st. Taking place at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, both events are totally free and considering her concerts usually fetch anywhere upwards of US $30, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

On Wednesday February 28th you’ll have the opportunity to see Smith doing her thing in the form of a live poetry recital. Provocative poetry is what Smith does best, so expect topics to range from politics to the more erotic too.

Of if you’d rather hear her put her singing talents to good use, head to the CCK on Thursday March 1st to hear an acoustic concert. Shared with longstanding guitarist Tony Shanahan along with Argentine musicians like Cellist Patricio Villarejo.



Patti Smith’s two concerts are part of a wider contribution to La Fondation Cartier’s contemporary art exhibition Les Visitantes, which includes various photographs taken by punk legend Smith. The exhibition, which was installed back in October of last year, also includes black and white photography by William Eggleston, David Lynch and Douglas Gordon to name but a few.

A look inside Les Visitants exhibition on show at the CCK. (Photo via Fondation Cartier)

A look inside the ‘Les Visitants’ exhibition on show at the CCK. (Photo via Fondation Cartier)


Both Patti Smith events are entirely free, but do require a reservation. On Thursday February 22nd, head to Sarmiento 151 to reserve a spot between 12 and 7 PM. You can of course head there in the days after the 22nd but our guess is that tickets will fly. Or save yourself the hassle and be all 21st century and book your tickets on that thing called the internet.

Enjoy seeing Patti Smith live, but definitely don’t go all millennial and snapchat your way through the performance, Patti Smith will not be impressed. Don’t mess with her.