08 Dec 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina --- Puerto Madero District in Buenos Aires --- Image by © Jon Hicks/Corbis

A new Ferris wheel is coming to the docks of Puerto Madero. Previous attempts to build the 90m wheel on dock two had been rejected after The Catholic University Of Argentina (UCA) claimed it would be ‘unreasonable and damaging’ to build the attraction in such close proximity to their campus. But yesterday sources revealed that it would relocate and build on dock 1 and the wheel could be up and running by the end of next year.

Located on a boardwalk in Puerto Madero, the most upscale neighborhoods in the City, the wheel will come complete with 42 cabins which rotate to a height of almost 90m with a fantastic 360 degree view of the City and the river heading the coast of Uruguay. These and other details about the Ferris wheel came to light yesterday with the official City newsletter breaking news of the project saying that it hopes that the project will become the newest tourist attraction in the area.

According to La Nación, proposals for the Ferris wheel will be evaluated by a commission to determine the best fit for the location. The construction process is expected to take a year and will be in use from the end of 2018.

The proposal lays out plans for an 88 meter high Ferris wheel – aimed at the 40000 and 50000 tourists who visit Buenos Aires every year. The company that wins the bid will fund the initial investment for the construction of the wheel, a figure that hasn’t been released to the public yet. They will have exclusive access to the site for ten years and the possibility to extend their time there for another ten years. Figures released from ‘The Wheel of Buenos Aires’ estimate that one half-hour spin on the Ferris wheel will cost USD$9.

The final product will resemble other landmarks around the world, the most famous being the London Eye, but Ferris wheels of a similar scale and style can be found in Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Singapore.

The proposed ferris wheel is set to be built with closed glass cabins, able to hold six people and operate in all kinds of weather and withstand winds of up to 54 kilometers an hour and will be built by Chinese company ‘Tieling Songling Amusement Manufacturing Co Ltd’.

“It will be a very nice experience for students at UCA who will have the chance to incorporate it into their studies” according to one project representative.