Photo via Primera Página

In the early hours of this morning, public prosecutor, Fernando Cartasegna became the victim of another attempted attack. Marcelo Martini, the judicial officer who is leading the investigation into the attack, spoke to Radio La Red to confirm the details. A police officer assigned to be Cartasegna’s security detail spotted a man, wearing a bullet-proof jacket, who shot twice at the lawyer’s home in Gonnet, La Plata. He then fled the scene, getting into a car with at least two other men.

Though Cartasegna was not harmed during the attack, it was no doubt an act of “intimidation”, according to Martini, who called law enforcement officers to the scene. The exact motives behind such an intimidation remain a mystery, but there are many who would have a vested interest in Cartasegna being silenced; the prosecutor is currently leading an investigation connected with the ‘lawsuit of the envelopes’ looking into corruption within the Buenos Aires police, with the mysterious envelopes referring to concealed wads of bribery money. As head of the Functional Unit dealing with pedophilia and human trafficking, he has exposed La Plata’s rate of pedophilia, and is known for closing down many of Buenos Aires’ brothels.

Luis Novaresio, of Radio La Red, wondered whether the attacks could be linked to Cartasegna’s involvement with a certain ‘Caranchos case’. Caranchos are those who stage car accidents, usually a lawyer and a fake victim, in order to sue drivers and scam insurance companies. But Martini was doubtful, partly because he himself was involved with that case, but had never been the target of an attack. “I am working on the Caranchos lawsuit, and I had 3 police officers arrested. The first time Cartasegna was attacked was before he even got on board with that case.”

It seems to be a case of no rest for the wicked, valiant fighters of corruption, as this mornings incident is merely the latest in a series of attacks on Cartasegna. Just earlier this month, he was hospitalized after being assaulted, gagged and tied up in is own office, where the aggressor left the word Nisman written in sugar on the floor, drawing a threatening allusion to the late Alberto Nisman, (the lawyer who implicated CFK in the AMIA terrorist attack, and was found dead in his apartment a day before taking his allegation to Congress).

Although this is the first of the attacks against Cartasegna where a witness was present, the identities of the attackers are as of yet unknown. Fortunately, Cartasegna remains unhurt by the attack; Martini confirmed this morning that the prosecutor is “okay, but shocked.”