Photo via Clarín

Thinking (or needing) to go to Microcentro today? Think again. Today sees yet another day of protests — making getting around the center of Buenos Aires into quite the challenge.

Members of social organizations are blocking traffic this morning throughout the City and different parts of the country, to demand that Congress follow through and give the green light to the proposed Social Emergency law. The project aims for a 15 percent increase in the universal child allowance and the distribution of 30 billion pesos over a three year period.

Those involved and driving the initiative include: Barrios de Pie, the Corriente Clasista y Combativa (CCC) and the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP); among others.

The protests kicked off a little after 7am with members of the Darío Santillán Popular Front (FPDS) blocking vehicles at the crossing of Corrientes and Callao. Just before 10 they aimed to head toward the Buenos Aires headquarters of Casas de Río Negro and Córdoba. From 11, they were scheduled to move on to the National Congress in Rivadavia and Entre Ríos.

Social organisations had also planned to cut off traffic at key points linking the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, such as the Pueyrredón and La Noria bridges by 12.

Also to keep an eye on is the Illia freeway in Retiro; a protest was carried out by workers of a recycling cooperative that operates near the highway, demanding better working conditions and increase of assets. AUSA police and emergency road personnel have diverted traffic at the Sarmiento exit and recommend as an alternative to take Dorrego Avenue to avoid any delays or inconveniences.

Elsewhere in the country, demonstrators are also demanding national assistance plans to alleviate job losses in the provinces of Córdoba and Río Negro.