Photo via Taringa.

The bars shut down Saturday night so Porteños could fulfill their legal obligation to vote Sunday and not, in a drunken haze, accidently vote for a party they didn’t intend on voting for. The Republican Proposal (PRO) party won decisive victories across the board on Sunday, in both the mayoral and legislative elections.

On the legislative side of things, PRO lost one seat but still maintains its status as the majority party with 27 seats. Coming in second is Organized Citizenry Energy (ECO) with 14 seats and trailing right behind is Victory Front (FpV), which lost a balance of four seats, gaining six but losing 10. Rounding out the 60 seats are the “others” you don’t care about.

Here is the breakdown:

Photo via La Nación.
Graphic via La Nación.

And on the mayoral side, with 92% of the vote counted, PRO candidate Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who is a close hubby and cabinet chief of presidential hopeful and current Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri, is in good position with 45% of the vote. Trailing behind with 20% is ECO candidate Martín Lousteau. The two will face each other in a runoff election in two weeks.

As has been historically the case, President Cristina Kirchner’s FpV candidate Mariano Recalde failed to get much support in the capital city. Speaking from his bunker on Sunday, he expressed his happiness because, “Every time the people express themselves in democratic and free elections, we celebrate.” He added that, “This Victory Front, which suffered all kinds of smear campaigns (*cough*), keeps growing in the city and will continue growing.”

Stay tuned.