Photo via I'mMovingToLondon.

The Macri administration is planning on implementing a new set of increases in the prices of services and utility bills throughout the months following October’s midterm elections. Electricity and natural gas bills will increase twice between November and April, while the price of oil – for vehicles – and transportation fares will do so once.

Oil y gas-oil prices will go first. According to Cronista, stations will increase their prices between six and 11 percent at some point between the day after the elections and November 1.

Energy bills will follow suit, but closer to the end of the year. Electricity is estimated to go up by between 15% and 20%, but there could be surprises. The first increase is set to happen in November, while the second one will take place in February, this time by 17 percent.

Transportation fares will not change in 2017, but they will likely go up in 2018, and private companies estimate increases of between 30% and 50%. That means that the cheapest colectivo ticket will go up from AR$ 6 to AR$ 8 or 9, while the subte one could go as high as AR$ 11.25

The increases to gas prices depend both on the prices of production and distribution, and estimates made by private companies as to what the increases will be fall anywhere between 20% and 40%.