You may have a few cold showers in your future. Photo via

Kiss your pesos goodbye: On Friday, the national government will announce price increases for major utilities and services such as transportation, water and phone use. Just how much more will your daily life start to suck next month? Approximately 500 percent more.

It’s not all bad — because they’re just so concerned, lawmakers have included a clause in the new regulations to keep prices from rising too greatly for lower-income citizens, who can register (apply) for low-income status.

Here’s what we’ve heard about the predicted percentage increases of public services:

  • Water: 300 to 500 percent
  • Gas: 300 percent
  • Buses: 70 percent, except for a social tariff that would keep the price at AR $2.7 for lower-income citizens
  • Trains: 150 percent (A minimum of AR $5 per ride)
  • Telephones: value-added taxes are expected to jump from AR $13.28 to AR $38 per month

Well, you know the drill… charge your Sube cards, start collecting water and revert back to the email age.