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After being hospitalized on Friday due to “slight arrhythmia,” President Mauricio Macri officially took up his presidential activities again today in an act in Llavallol, Buenos Aires Province, in which he announced that neighborhood clubs and community centers would be given 40 percent of what they’d paid in electricity bills back.

“Here I am, I’m doing well and ready to continue working toward building the Argentina we dream of,” Macri said.

The chief of the Presidential Medical Unit, Simón Salzberg, assured Macri has a “healthy heart” and can exercise his duties as President without restrictions.

Macri will continue his day with a meeting with the  Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic of Montenegro and will also participate in a series of management meetings with different ministries.

Clubs and centers have been hit hard by increases in utility bills, which many are unable to afford. Since many of these centers offer low-income families the chance to have their children take part in constructive social activities (as opposed to falling into gangs, drugs, etc.), many clubs are concerned that increased costs — which force them to increase membership fees — will prevent families from making use of the centers.

In May, the nation’s Sports Minister Carlos MacAllister confirmed that the government will be providing centers subsidies to allow them to continue operating.