At 39, Emmanuel Macron is the youngest ever to win a French presidential election. His ideals to create a stronger EU and an open economy won 66% of the votes. Nearly 34% of ballots supported opponent Marine Le Pen and her attempt to close France’s borders.

According to Benjamin Haddad, a member of the Emmanuel Macron team from Washington D.C., this defeat “clearly [is] a message of a desire for change for new faces from the French Republic.”

There has been a history of high unemployment, social tension, and terrorist attacks within France; it is with great hope that Macron can help transform the current state of France and address these challenges. For example, Haddad states that, “[Macron] is going to make the job market much more absolute.”

Beating far-right leader Le Pen with a total of 20,753,704 votes compared to 10,643,937 she received, the people of France believe there will be potential for change. Just after his victory, Macron tweeted how he will serve his people according to France’s motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Argentina’s president Macri was also active on Twitter about the election’s results. This morning he tweeted:

“Congratulations to @EmmanuelMacron for his electoral triumph in France. We will continue to work together for a more integrated and prosperous world”

This isn’t the first time that we have seen support between the presidents of France and Argentina. Back in 2016, past French president, François Hollande, sent Macri words of good wishes once he won the election.

Hollande wrote: “Allow me, on mine and the French people’s behalf, to extend my warmest congratulations and my best wishes of success for the great responsibilities that you will be exercising as of December 10th.”

Macri hopes to speak with Macron today on the phone, if Macron’s schedule allows for it.