via Seprin

Following successful surgery on his right knee today, President Mauricio Macri will be returning to his agenda this evening.

Macri entered arthroscopic surgery at 11:30 AM and came out of a successful operation at 2 PM. The president’s spokesperson Ivan Pavlosky has said that the head of state will be resting at his Olivos residence in the outskirts of Buenos Aires before returning to his duties at 6 PM tonight.

Macri sprained his right knee while playing paddle on Monday. No stranger to sporting injuries, apparently, he said, “This must be my ninth or tenth knee operation, playing football I have hurt myself systematically, so for me this is normal.”

He added that he has never had much athletic talent but as the saying goes, love conquers all, and Macri has never let the game, or the game’s injuries, get him down.