So, why is #PrayForArgentina trending on twitter? Photo via

Since this morning, #PrayForArgentina has been trending on Twitter worldwide causing a cluster of confusion and delight and anger because Argentines are offended. Wait, no, Argentina’s the culprit. No, really, what’s this all about?

The hashtag appeared following rumors online that Argentina may potentially be targeted by the Islamic State (ISIS). However, it did not rise from any particular attack, shooting or stabbing, as we’ve all unfortunately become all too accustomed to these last few weeks amid numerous attacks and accompanying social media solidarity campaigns, and instead appears to have arisen as a joke.

Many users on the Twitter-sphere were not pleased when they found out that the hashtag was made in jest, some because they found it offensive in light of the real violence that led to such solidarity campaigns, and possibly others because they’d already texted every Argentine they know frantically asking if things were todo bien.

Others joined in the fun.

(The impending spike in cooking oil prices have seen Argentines raid supermarkets and led to oil shortages. Oil is necessary to make our beloved milanesas.)

Whatever your stance, here are some of social media’s responses to #PrayForArgentina.