We know what you did. Photo via diariochaco.com

Alfonso Prat-Gay, Finance Minister and king of the stony face we’ve all grown to know and love (or just know) at press conferences, has become a viral Internet sensation in the last few hours after a video of him singing karaoke a few years back came to light. Yes, Prat-Gay is secretly a rock star. Better check your Tinder, Alfonso, because the ladies are swiping RIGHT.

Back in August of 2013, when the thought of the Finance Ministry was but a twinkle in Prat-Gay’s piercing cornflower blue eyes, he tried his hand at running for senator of the City of Buenos Aires on a UNEN (Unite) ticket (now defunct center-left coalition). Apparently, the group truly took its moniker to heart as all the the political party decided to go to a bar in San Telmo for an event they called La Fiesta de la Militancia aka the Party of Political Activism aka Party of the Year.

Knowing that former Vice President Amado Boudou would one day leave large boliche-tapping shoes to fill, it appears that Alfonso enjoyed himself that fateful night. He grabbed the microphone and belted out “Costumbres Argentinas”  (by Los Abuelos de la Nada, but of course) while he seduced the crowd with his nimble moves.

Today Prat-Gay is also in the news as he strives to move forward with the vulture funds negotiations. No word yet if any journalists at the press conferences have asked him to break out his moves, they can consider this the official request.