Photo via Clarin

Renewal Front leader Sergio Massa invited other high ranking officials to his house in an attempt to find middle ground and build a politically viable bill that tackles income tax reform.

It was a good PR move. Public officials get together on a weekend to tirelessly continue working for the public good. Besides, it shows that they are capable of going back to the negotiating table even after having a hard clash like the one that took place earlier this month when the opposition passed its own income tax bill, throwing a major kink into the plan presented by Macri camp. What could go wrong?

Horrible optics. Any political points they may have earned evaporated in two phases. First when they uploaded a picture of the meeting with a plate of sushi on the table. Not only is sushi itself considered to be a little elitist — a bit more expensive than pizza — but it also has a special negative connotation in Argentine politics. It reminds people about the so-called “sushi group”:  a group of high ranking government officials who during the tenure of former President Fernando De La Rúa — himself included — got together to debate more sensitive topics at a sushi restaurant in the affluent neighborhood of Las Cañitas.

It’s almost not necessary to clarify that no politician wants to be associated with anything that has to do with De La Rúa, who had to leave the Casa Rosada in helicopter after failing to control one of the most significant social and economic crises in Argentine history. Even less so considering it was a day before the 15th anniversary of this very same event.

In an attempt to cover up the first screw up, FR Deputy Graciela Camaño put the final nail in the PR coffin. Hours after Clarín uploaded the original picture, Camaño uploaded that same picture with a slight difference, the sushi and the drinks had been wiped out with a more than questionable use of Photoshop.

As a result of this, all of the internet, in its collective wisdom, came out to troll Camaño. Cue the memes: