January is always boring when it comes to news.

Practically nothing happens regarding politics and economics so the newsroom is summed in a catatonic-like state, hoping something shows up so it can be made fun of. Fortunately (at least for now, while we’re still not swimming to get to work), Mother Nature (and its psychotic cousin climate change) provided us with a huge shit storm today that turned Buenos Aires into chaos, because it doesn’t matter how many times we’ve seen our streets flooded, we’re still unprepared for it.

The storm impacted the City, the north of the Buenos Aires province, Córdoba, Entre Ríos and southern Santa Fé. The situation continued during the afternoon. The National Weather Service said that as of ten o’clock this morning, it had already rained 10.4 millimeters.

As usual – every time the city collapses, actually – Twitter users got their camera phones to inform where the most affected areas were and how shitty the streets looked like.