Sandra Arroyo Salgado, the ex-wife of Alberto Nisman, the federal prosecutor found dead in his apartment under murky and perplexing circumstances in January 2015, has recounted her “moving” encounter with the Pope this morning in Rome.

“He told me he would always pray for the memory of Alberto Nisman,” she told Radio La Red, after she and her two daughters, Iara and Kala, met with Pope Francis for a brief moment after Wednesday morning’s Papal Audience.

“He told me he prayed for my daughters and me. I told him I prayed for the truth,” said Arroyo, a federal judge who firmly believes her ex-husband was assassinated by people with connections to the Argentine government.

It’s been two years since news of Nisman’s mysterious death sent shockwaves through the country. He was found dead in his Puerto Madero apartment on 18 January 2015 in the midst of a politically charged investigation into suspected government involvement in the 1994 car bombing of a Jewish cultural center. His death, unsolved to this day, unleashed mass protests and a political scandal in Argentina.

When asked whether she believed that only divine intervention would uncover the truth at this stage, Salgo stated that she believed “in divine justice, and in the justice of men.” She said she was confident “[they] will arrive at the truth” as “there are many people working on the case.”

It is the first time the Pope has met with Nisman’s family. Also present at the 8,000 strong morning audience, was former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.