Prat-Gay announces the debt increase. Photo via La Nacion.

After another debate all-nighter in Congress, the Senate approved the bill that outlines paying the holdouts yesterday. And politicians have had no qualms sharing how they feel about it with the world.

Let’s look at some of the reactions, shall we?

Starting out with our favorite politician on social media, Federico Pinedo (remember, the guy who was President for 24 hours? Whom Frank Underwood saluted?), used the sassy hashtag #ChauDefault to express his feelings.

“It is fitting that [we should] recognize the responsibility and measure of Peronism in [aiding] leaving the default. This vote is a real obstacle to the vultures’ game.”

By this Pinedo was referring to the Victory Front (FpV) senators who voted in favor of the bill and cooperated with the government to do so — remember that the previous administration had vowed “never” to pay the vulture funds.

The rest of the government is, of course, celebrating along with Pinedo. Here’s Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay posting a photo of himself signing the law:

“Signing the enactment of the law that counted on the support of three-fourths of the Senate. One step further towards normalization.”
Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio also joined in, saying, “We keep moving forward. A necessary law for the nation, provinces and municipalities.”
Meanwhile, the opposition, mainly from the FpV, has been voicing its discontent, with former Economy Minister Axel Kicillof criticizing the government in a radio interview, accusing it of “pressuring and extorting” provincial senators into accepting the bill by promising funds for their respective provinces.
Former Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández also used his Twitter to vent a little:

“The arguments used by senators to vote in favor of legislation imposed [on us] by the vulture funds are horrendous…”

Fernández also stated that “We will be paying the consequences for various generations.”

Last but not least, from outside the two opposing sides, Leftist Front (FIT) leader Nicolás del Caño tweeted that the approval of the bill proves his argument that Cambiemos and the FpV are not so different after all.

“Thanks to the votes from the FpV, the caucus with the majority [in the Senate], Macri achieves a deal with the ‘vultures’ in a 54 to 16 vote. [They’re] Not so different!!”

So yeah. #ChauDefault. But #WhatHappensNext?