Argentina remains paralyzed and millions await for the identity of the body that was found yesterday in the Chubut river to be revealed. In response, candidates from all parties around the country have decided to cancel the rallies they had scheduled for today, as it is now extremely likely that the body belongs to missing activist Santiago Maldonado.

The Cambiemos’ coalition campaign team in the province of Buenos Aires announced it would suspend the entire campaign and suggested all its provincial counterparts follow suit. Its contenders in the province – former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Sergio Massa, Florencio Randazzo and the candidates of the Leftist Workers’ Front (FIT) – still haven’t clarified whether they would also suspend their campaign rallies that they had planned for tomorrow and Friday as well.

However, Infobae reported that the Cambiemos’ main representatives are not currently planning on cancelling their TV appearances scheduled for the next few days before the Sunday midterms. And that Macri is still set to go to Córdoba to speak at the Cambiemos’ final campaign rally in the province.

Cambiemos co-founder and National Deputy Elisa “Lilita” Carrió, on her end, won’t even concede TV interviews today. Although sources close to her told La Nación that the decision was made because there are not enough certainties about his identity that justify talking to the media, rumor has it that her silence has been imposed by those above her in the Cambiemos hierarchy after the extremely controversial remarks she made about the grim discovery on live television last night. And yes, that includes a moment when she compared the body’s condition “to that of Walt Disney” because he was found in the freezing waters of the Chubut River.

Sources close to Carrió told La Nación that her statement was “a mistake,” but that she didn’t mean it as a joke. However, the comment was met with harsh criticism by journalists and social media as well as several political leaders from other parties who came out to condemn it.

President Mauricio Macri still hasn’t publicly addressed the case since yesterday’s discovery in Chubut. He is set to travel to Uruguay this afternoon, but would change his schedule depending on whether there are updates on whether the body is officially identified as Santiago Maldonado. According to Clarín, he has instructed all government officials to be “extremely prudent” and to “not talk about the case until the judicial officials do it.”

Once this happens, Justice Minister Germán Garavano is expected to be the one in charge of addressing the media.