Leaders and parties left of the Argentine political spectrum showed solidarity with former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, following the arrest order that Judge Sergio Moro filed yesterday that gives him until 5 PM today to surrender to police in order to begin serving a 12-year prison sentence.

Moro moved forward with his decision following the Brazilian Supreme Court’s rejection of a habeas corpus appeal, removing the last major obstacle to his being taken into custody to serve a prison sentence for a corruption conviction. Lula denies any wrongdoing and calls the charges politically motivated.

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said the ruling “makes it clear” that the Brazilian “elites, which never cared about justice or democracy, are using the justice system to block him,” but assured he will win the next presidential election nonetheless. “All of our affection is with him,” she finished.

Moreover, the Frente Para la Victoria caucus in the Lower House, led by Agustín Rossi, released a statement in defense of Lula, arguing that the country’s right-wing has a plan “so there are no more popular leaders who rule in favor of the people.” “We send an enormous hug to our friend and fellow activist of the Patria Grande Lula da Silva, as well as the rest of the Brazilian people, who are currently going through an unprecedented judicial coup,” the statement begins.

The message goes on to extrapolate the issue and argue that Latin America’s “concentrated powers,” aided by the justice system and the largest media outlets, have a cohesive plan aimed at “preventing the return of popular governments” by resorting to any method, thus ensuring “their goal of installing the neo-liberal model in the region,” which “gives away the countries’ sovereignty and impoverishes the workers.”

“We urge President Mauricio Macri to adopt measures related to the delicate political-institutional situation and the democratic deficit that exists in Brazil. We also deem the union of all democratic and popular political sectors necessary to guard the rule of law in the region,” the release ends.

The CGT umbrella union also released a statement, which follows the same lines as the Frente Para la Victoria, rejecting “the violation of the right to be free until receiving an unfavorable definitive sentence,” as well as the “inappropriate meddling of high ranking officers of the Brazilian Army, which imperil democracy.” “We defend the Brazilian people’s right to democratically choose its new government with the participation of all its candidates,” the release ends.

Furthermore, Frente de Izquierda deputies Nicolás del Caño and Nathalia González introduced a bill aimed at having the Lower House “emphatically  condemn” the ruling, as it paves the way for the leader’s deprivation of freedom, and would contribute to preventing him from being a presidential candidate. 

Lula’s supporters will march to the Brazilian embassy today at 5 PM to give visibility to their rejection of the Supreme Court ruling and Moro’s arrest order. 

The Argentine Foreign Ministry has indicated to The Bubble that it will not be commenting, calling it “an internal political situation.”