(Photo via San Juan 8)

In a video that has since gone, an Ezeiza uniformed policeman is filmed taking cocaine behind the wheel of his patrol car, captured by a fellow policewoman sitting in the passenger seat.

The video shows him looking around multiple times and even noticing his colleague pointing her phone at him, before sniffing the substance from a small plastic bag held in his left hand.

Sources have confirmed the identity of the policeman to be Luis Emanuel Montero, a member of the local Ezeiza police force, the area in which he also lives. After the video became public, he was duly removed from his post along with the colleague, Elsa Monzón, who filmed the incident.

The two police officers have been removed on a precautionary basis whilst an investigation takes place. However, it seems that this decision will most likely remain permanent given the gravity of the situation and the extent to which the video has spread.