Diego Maradona has made headlines yet again today after having a very public disagreement with girlfriend Rocío Oliva at their hotel in Madrid. The manager of the hotel called the police after an alleged confrontation was heard between the pair. Some reports claim that Rocío called the front desk to report the incident. Emergency services were called to the scene but were “not needed.”

“Maradona and his girlfriend were questioned, but there were no signs of assault and neither Maradona nor his girlfriend wanted to press charges” said a police spokesman. Maradona’s lawyer also released a statement, saying that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved and no injuries were reported.

Diego took to Facebook to dispel any suspicion about the recent event, “There are no complaints and nobody was able give me an explanation for  the reason [behind] this media show. I’m having a great time, let them tell their stories.” This isn’t the first conflict that Diego has seen since arriving in Spain. On Monday he had a rather intense swipe at a journalist, “If I were to hit you, you wouldn’t have a nose left.”

Tonight he will watch his ex club, Napoli in the Champions League action against Real Madrid. The Napoli president, Aurelio De Laurentiis has invited him to give a pre-match pep talk to the players before the big game.