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Plot Twist: Was Ezeiza Terrorist Really A Terrorist?

By | [email protected] | September 8, 2016 5:57pm


In what could be an embarrassing turn of events, Khalil Mohamed El Sayed, a Lebanese National who was detained at Ezeiza on Wednesday for suspected terrorist activity and being wanted in the U.S. is, well, apparently not a terrorist and not even Lebanese. (This could be part of a trend recently considering that the nuns involved in the López case weren’t really nuns and lived at a convent that wasn’t really a convent.) Now, according to a few news outlets, it seems that Ezeiza authorities may have made a mistake.

That’s not to say that El Sayed is completely innocent. Apparently he is a Libyan national wanted by Brazilian authorities for drugs and arms trafficking and the confusion over his identity and “false papers” (which may not have actually been false) was due to the confusion over the letter a; “Mohamed” being his actual name, and the name of the terrorist wanted by the U.S. was “Mohamad.”

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Patricia Bullrich, the Security minister, previously used social media to get word out about the supposed terrorist’s capture.

“El Sayed who is accused of terrorism and having an arrest warrant for drug trafficking was detained by Immigration and Security at Ezeiza,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Libyan National continues to be detained by Argentine authorities.