The site where Trump Tower was going to be built will stay like this for the time being, then. Photo via Clarín

At the end of last November, just after Trump’s victory in the US elections and the emergence of rumours that he had asked Macri for help building a Buenos Aires Trump Tower, the City’s Ministry of Urban Development issued a press release stating that the permit given to investment company Kubic S.A. in 2007 had expired three years after its approval, in accordance with local law.

In April 2016, Trump’s YY Development Group and architect Berardo Dujovne submitted a request to reactivate the pre-existing municipal permit which would allow them to begin construction, according to YY’s director general Juan José Cugliandolo. The aim was to expedite the this process, paying all the fees again and presenting the modifications corresponding to the new project. However, the ministry’s response was negative.

Yesterday, representatives from the YY Development Group finally confirmed that they were putting an end to the plans to build an office building in Buenos Aires’s Microcentro near the obelisk, on 9 de Julio.

In dialogue with La Nación, a spokesperson claimed: “The Trump family has decided to deactivate all works that are not yet underway outside the United States.” Although this has affected plans for the 35-floor monster of a building that they wanted to build in Argentina, the announcement does not seem to affect Trump Tower in Punta del Este. Building work in Uruguay has already started and sales have been made.

YY has started building Trump Tower in Punta Del Este already and it should turn out like this. Photo via La Nación

Having had to backpedal a bit, Cugliandolo has weighed in on the decision: “It hasn’t come from us, but from the heart of the Trump family. There are strategic decisions that the family has to make to see if they can grow outside the US or not. We respect the natural process that is has to take place during such a disorientating year.” Cugliandolo went onto say that he is hopeful that a future project carrying the trump brand could take place in Argentina in the future but has nothing concrete to report at the time.