Federico Pinedo will hand over the presidential sash and staff to Macri

A Cambiemos press release finally confirmed that the new provisional Senate president, Federico Pinedo, will be in charge of handing over the presidential sash and staff to President-elect Mauricio Macri at tomorrow’s transfer of power ceremony in the Casa Rosada, thus putting an end to at least one of the questions regarding the most absurd presidential transition in recent history.

This also means Pinedo will be the President of Argentina for 12 hours, starting from midnight when President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner finishes her mandate and until Macri is sworn in at midday tomorrow.

So now we know the presidential inauguration will go like this:

At 12 PM, the swearing-in ceremony will take place before Congress (which will not count the Victory Front (FpV) deputies’ presence after their decision to not attend the ceremony out of solidarity with Cristina).

Then, the President will make his way to the Casa Rosada’s White Room for the transfer of power ceremony, where Pinedo will hand him the presidential sash and staff (the only sad thing about this is that we won’t be using that awesome term anymore), and hopefully put and end to this madness so we can finally focus on other stuff that is far more important, like the economy, for example.