Thousands of people in Vatican Square were shocked this morning after a symbolic call for peace was suddenly turned into a horrifying spectacle.

Pope Francis was joined by two kids who released two white doves as a symbolic gesture from a window of the apostolic palace. The Pope had been calling for peace in the Ukraine a few seconds before. You can tell that both birds are going: “Oh, crap. Here we go.

(Photo credit Claudio Peri/EPA)
(Photo credit Claudio Peri/EPA)

But suddenly the unthinkable. A crow teamed up with a seagull (evolution, man) to murder the birds, terrify the audience and traumatize those two kids for the rest of their lives.

Fly, little guy!! (Photo via AP)
No, the other way!!!! (Photo via Reuters)
Oh, no!!! Yeah, no, she's gone. ((Photo via AP/Gregorio Borgia))
Yeah, no, that one’s gone. ((Photo via AP/Gregorio Borgia))
(Photo via )
Yo, other dove! Don’t look now but someone’s following you. (Photo via AP)
(Photo via )
RUN!!! Or fly. Whatever, you know what I mean. (Photo via AP)
What is wrong with you?! Think of the children! (Photo via AP)
NOOOOOO!!!! What the hell is wrong with you, Mother Nature?! Think of the children! (Photo via AP)

The Guardian tried to soften things up a little by saying: “Fate of white doves unclear” after  the attack.

I don’t know man, their fate looks pretty clear to me.

(Feature photo via AP)