Photo via Facebook - Daniel Merle.

This Friday marks Argentina’s national Day of Remembrance, Truth and Justice. And while most of the country gets to stay home from work, it’s not always clear how to honor this day the right way. One possible option for lovers of photography is coming this Thursday to the Cultural Cooperation Center in an exhibit by Daniel Merle, compiled of a display of photos that give an insight into the turbulent political history of Argentina.

The display titled “40 Years in 24 Photos: A Long Road to Democracy,” traces the transformation of Argentine society from the late 70s, following the artist’s stint in jail under the Isabel Perón’s administration, up until the crisis of December 2001.

Merle focuses on different moments that left their mark on the democracy-building process, which took more than 20 years. “Today, I can tell my story through these pictures. It’s a personal and fragmented vision, just in time for the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the last and bloodiest Argentine dictatorship.”


Opens on Thursday, March 23rd at 7 PM


Centro Cultural de la Cooperación “Floreal Godini” | Av. Corrientes 1543
Sala Raúl Lozza (second floor)