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From tomorrow onward, cats and dogs will be allowed to travel on the subway (not including the Premetro line) – but subject to a few conditions. Your four-legged friend may travel free of charge, but only on Saturdays after 1 PM, and Sundays and public holidays round the clock. Most importantly, they must always be kept inside a bag (sounds weird to us too) or carrier.

Pets and their owners must both travel in the last carriage of the train. There is also a designated waiting area in each station, so that man’s best friend can wait, away from other passengers.

There’s more. Owners are advised to carry a valid anti-rabies certificate, in case a member of the subway staff or a policeman requests to see one. Other restrictions include not using the escalators, not letting the cat out of the bag (literally), not putting the cage on the seats along with feeding pets during the train ride.

The law was approved last November, after porteños expressed their support of animal-friendly public transport in social media surveys. Other animals, however, such as rodents, birds, spiders and snakes (we’re not discussing legality here) are not permitted. So, yeah, that yellow snake you got to practice your Britney moves? Probably best to leave it at home.

It's Britney bitch!
It’s Britney bitch!

Not so fast, though.

The pet-friendly subways will be christened tomorrow at 1 PM, as Buenos Aires city governor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta takes the inaugural ride (at Pueyrredón and Las Heras stations of the H line). But the measure will come to a halt 180 days later, when the government is expected to submit a report to the Public Works and Services Committee of the city’s Congress.