The unified dollar is in and yes, the peso has devalued. Photo via

**Update: The dollar has gone down to AR$14.20 as of 12:30 PM. It is likely to continue fluctuating throughout the day. Don’t panic.**

Now that the cepo has officially been lifted, we’ve got a single, unified dollar and transactions will be conducted with an “official” rate.

And here is what it was this morning at 10:30:

  • AR$13.50 to buy
  • AR$14.50 to sell

Banco Nación (BNA) will be quoting an official rate by the end of today. The government has said it will attempt to keep devaluation from exceeding AR$15.00 so that prices are minimally affected and inflation is not impacted.

Treasury and Finance Minister Alfonso Prat-Gay was careful to avoid using the term “devaluation” in last night’s press conference announcing the end of restrictions on the dollar, but we can definitely call it what it is, now, since anyone who previously was able to access dollars will have to hand over a few more pesos for the exchange now.

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