If you have nothing to do this afternoon, swing by the Casa Rosada to see the installation of a legendary convertible Cadillac.

Former President Juan Domingo Perón ordered the car in 1955, but it arrived after the infamous Revolución Libertadora overthrew him on September 16. As a result, he never got to drive it, although many of his successors did.

Several Argentine heads of state got to drive the car when they were in office, such as Arturo Frondizi, Raúl Alfonsín, Carlos Menem, and Fernando de la Rúa. Additionally, when former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez visited Argentina in 2006, he drove the car around inside the Olivos presidential residence.

According to the Casa Rosada, the historic vehicle had been deteriorated and stored in a shed in Olivos. In 2016, the Museo del Automovil Foundation restored the Cadillac, and after today’s exhibition, it will be inside the Casa Rosada museum for all to see.