Adrián “Panadero” Napolitano is the Boca fan/barra that everyone would like to talk to today.

As it turns out, he is the man responsible for ruining last week’s superclásico between Boca Juniors and River Plate after he decided it would be hilarious to pepper spray the River players while they were inside the inflatable security tunnel that gave access to the pitch. The consequences of his dumb actions will forever be remembered: the match was suspended, Boca Juniors was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores and everyone’s night of excitement was ruined.

After Fox Sports provided the prosecutor’s office with footage that perfectly showed Napolitano spraying the players, he became the most wanted man in the country. The police wanted to question him, journalists wanted to interview him and football fans from all corners of the world wanted to beat him up.

And a few minutes ago, he finally broke silence.

In a phone conversation with journalist Gustavo Grabia, Napolitano said he’s totally sorry for ruining a perfectly enjoyable game.

“Hi Gustavo, it’s Adrian. I’d like to apologize since I told you the other day I would do an interview with you to say (the man in the video) wasn’t me, but…well…I was very scared and I was trying to… I mean, I thought to myself that ‘maybe there weren’t any cameras there and I can get away with it’. The truth is, what I did, I didn’t mean it, I never meant to do that…I’ve been going to the stadium for 25 years and I never had a problem… I have a family and if people found out about this… the world would fall on top of me, like it’s happening now. Honestly… people know me, they know how I am, that I like to party but this… I never thought it would become such a huge deal… I never thought about it. Once I realized what was happening I wanted to die. Think about what my family is going through… my wife… my job… I always… I’m a hard worker… I wake up at 4 AM… I’ve never been arrested… I have no… I don’t know. I’m desperate, Gustavo”.

It’s unclear what will happen to him after this, but let this be a cautionary tale: when going to the stadium, leave the pepper spray at home.