Photo via La Clarín.

Grab your towels and sunscreen, it is time to go the beach!

After passing the Lower House by a vote of 152 to 1, a bill now pending Senate approval would give the Executive Branch the power to add three more long weekends each year. This is essentially the reimplementation of a policy that was in place until January 2016, when President Mauricio Macri got rid of it.

One of the bill’s purposes is to combat those troublesome Tuesday and Thursday holidays that have a Monday or Friday between the holiday and the weekend, preventing people from going away for a couple of days because they cannot afford to miss a day of work or school. With this bill, the Executive Branch could declare those Mondays and/or Fridays as holidays (up to three times per year), creating new four-day weekends.

The Executive Branch would have to announce these extra long weekends at least 50 days before the year in question.

According to Deputy and former Misiones Governor Maurice Closs, one of the driving forces behind the bill and one of its major goals is to create a more “flexible system” that promotes domestic tourism in Argentina.

He also mentioned that the bill has the approval of the Ministry of Tourism and the Federal Tourism Council.

In 2016, Macri had done away with the policy because he claimed that it made it difficult to schedule a full school year, and that it had negative affects on “productive competitiveness.” I guess he changed his mind.