Photo via Diario Conurbano

Teachers from over ten schools located within the neighborhood of Villa Fiorito, in Lomas de Zamora  (located in the south of the Buenos Aires Province), decided to suspend classes today to draw attention to the numerous robberies they, as well as their students and the rest of school personnel, have repeated fallen victim to.

“Classes are suspended until security is guaranteed,” said UDOCBA teachers union Secretary General Miguel Angel Díaz, who went onto request the provincial government take the matter in their hands immediately.

“There were violent robberies and we even have colleagues who have had to be hospitalized. We’ve been dealing with this situation for over a year, which got worse recently. The robbed teachers, school personnel. Students too. There are a lot of people who were hurt,” he added.

Díaz assured that the situation doesn’t circumscribe to the schools. “It’s like going to no man’s land. There’s no electricity, buses change their routes because it’s so dangerous. All the robberies are violent: cars and wallets to adults. Kids even get their shoes stolen,” he said.

Following the events, the police chief for the Buenos Aires Province’s southern area announced the force will create “safe corridors” in the area. “We will destine six patrol cars and  two motorcycles, as well as 20 more police officers,” the police chief said. “We want to correct this situation and we expect it will work out,” he finished.