Noriteru Fukushima
Noriteru Fukushima

I am really happy to announce that it’s been 53 years since the Japanese government made a commitment to the education and growth of Argentine professionals through its Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology Scholarship Program (Mombukagakusho).

These scholarships give Argentine students the possibility of living a unique academic and social experience by means of cultural exchange with Japanese students and also cover the entire educational, housing and recreational costs.

The first Argentine scholarship holder who ever traveled to Japan did it in 1964. Currently, nearly a dozen of Argentine who have been admitted to this program travel to my country, which destines an amount of almost AR $500.000 (depending on the university and the kind of scholarship) to cover housing, admission exams fee, annual enrollment and university fee.

If you are interested in continuing your education and growth in Japan in order to spread and share your experience with your society, you can participate in talks and free activities in charge of former scholarship holders, who, besides of providing information about the requirements to access the scholarships, will also share their experiences with you, creating give-and-take and mutual enrichment environment.

I would love you to participate in the activities we are working on.

For further information you can contact Centro Cultural e Informativo de la Embajada del Japón,, or to 011-4318-8240